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 Country  Romania  Fax  Reserved Information
 Area ( county )  Bucuresti  Email  Reserved Information
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 Published on  2019-12-10  Expires on  2020-01-15
 You can use the following languages for the commercial correspondence: Romana - English -

    For sale textile product line - picanol dornier weaving machinery, spinning, doubling, winding, bobbin machine

 Weaving Factory in operation
- for sell:
weaving machine Picanol
weaving machine Dornier
automatic and on shuttle
turning machine
doubling machine
new ~50 shuttle Germany Duratex wood
multiple spare parts
any necessary for a factory from A to Z

- we sell the whole line on production required for the production of textile fabrics from 60gr / sqm to 1250gr / sqm, including textile technical fabrics technical filters for industry (oil filter, sugar, chemical, petrochemical, food, panacode, for drug factories, for juices, exhaust dust, etc.), produces any fabric from bbc, in, polyamide, polyester and mixture!
canvas or diagonal binding

Possibility of taking over the business in the existing location with a portfolio of clients and support in continuing the activity!

    Other commercial information

Quantity Units Delivery Incoterms
8 pieces FOB
Price Currency Delivery frequency
1000 EURO based on mutual agreement

  Delivery place : Bucuresti Romania

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weaving  factory  operation   weaving  machine  picanol  dornier   automatic  shuttle   turning  
winder   doubling   new  germany  duratex   multiple  spare  parts   any  necessary  
whole  production  required  fabrics  1250gr  including  technical  filters  industry  sugar  
chemical  petrochemical  panacode  factories  juices  exhaust  produces  polyamide  polyester  mixture  
canvas  diagonal  binding   possibility  taking  business  existing  location  portfolio  clients  
support  continuing  activity  





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