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 Published on  2019-07-23  Expires on  2019-08-23
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    We want cooperation in textile production in lohn system!

 Start-up company established within START-UP PLUS 2016 - Successful Entrepreneurs in the South East Region of the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020.
There is an obligation to maintain the 5 jobs created within the project at least 12 months (6 months with the salaries funded through the project and 6 months with the amounts obtained from production).
That`s why we need "lohn" contracts - production for third parties, to keep jobs
We have JUKI brand new machines:
- 3 sewing machines, automatic;
- a triplock;
- a uberdeck;
- an electronic buttonhole sewing machine;
- an electronic button sewing machine;
- an electronic bartacking sewing machine.
The staff consists of 5 employees, with a minimum of 2 years experience on various types of machines and who know very well the most complex sewing and assembling of clothes (pants, jacket, slits to the pants, polo t-shirts, collars and ruffles, caps pockets, etc.) .

Our contact details are:
- Phone: 0745021776;
- e-mail:

We are waiting your collaboration offers!

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start-up  company  established  within  successful  entrepreneurs  south  region  human  capital  
operational  program  2014-2020   there  obligation  maintain  created  project  least  months  
salaries  funded  through  amounts  obtained  production   that`s  "lohn"  contracts  third  
parties  brand  machines  sewing  automatic  triplock  uberdeck  electronic  buttonhole  bartacking  
staff  consists  employees  minimum  years  experience  various  types  complex  assembling  
clothes  pants  jacket  slits  t-shirts  collars  ruffles  pockets   our  contact  
details  phone  0745021776  e-mail  speranta@voxcivica  waiting  collaboration  





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